Anti-shock protections for car (1 kit = 2 pieces)

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Protection & style!

 PROTECT your doors in style and personalize your car with the logo of your favorite brand!

 GIVE your car a different look with our protective stickers.

 EASY INSTALLATION in moments, no tools or technical skills needed, just stick!

Easy to install!

 MAKE A DIFFERENCE with our personalized door protections featuring your car logo.

 GUARANTEED DURABILITY : Solid anti-scratch and anti-shock coating to take care of your car every day!

 UNIQUE CUSTOMIZATION for your vehicle with the logo of your favorite brand!

 STRONG ADHESION : Our carbon stickers use a specially designed glue for powerful and long-lasting adhesion (without leaving traces).

Do not wait !

 A DETAIL THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE and elevates your car to the next level.

 STAND OUT and stand out from the crowd by personalizing your vehicle.

 TRANSFORM YOUR VEHICLE in just 1 minute thanks to quick and easy installation .