ProGrip - Improve your driving experience (1 kit = 2 pieces)

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Protection & style !

 Ultimate protection: Protect your steering wheel from daily wear and tear.

 Custom aesthetic: Choose between carbon black or red with logo.

 Color Options: Match the style to your preference.

 Quality materials: Durable use thanks to premium materials.

Easy to install!

 Driving Improvement: Increased grip for safer driving.

 Increased Safety: Reduce distractions with improved grip.

 Ergonomic design: Less fatigue during long journeys.

 Reversible: Extended durability through use on both sides.

Do not wait !

 Easy to install: Assemble the kit without special tools.

 Economical: Avoid costly replacements by preserving the value of the steering wheel.

 Universal size: Fits most steering wheels regardless of size.

 Quick installation: Secure fixing without special skills.