Customized interior mood discs - Multi-Color (1 kit = 2 pcs)

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Stand out!

 Classy interior atmosphere :

The discs add a touch of elegance and style to the car interior.

 Car customization :

Customers can display the logo of their favorite car brand using the discs.

 Improved driving experience :

The records create a pleasant and calming atmosphere for car journeys.

Transform your interior!

 Quality materials :

The discs are made from heavy-duty materials for added durability.

 Custom Logo :

Each disc is personalized with the car brand logo according to customer preferences.

 Standard size :

The discs are designed to fit perfectly into standard car can slots.

The detail that changes everything!

 Ease of installation :

The discs are simple to install in the car's can slots.

 Originality :

Discs are a unique accessory that will make the car stand out from the rest.

 User-friendliness :

Discs are perfect for car parties with friends and family.

 Soft, non-intrusive lighting :

The discs provide subtle lighting that does not interfere with driving.