Car Interior Dust Sweeping Soft Brush

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Revolutionize your car cleaning routine with our versatile brush!

Whether it's for the interior or exterior of your vehicle, this premium brush is designed to make every nook and cranny accessible. It eliminates dirt from the exhaust pipe ️, brings your dashboard back to life, clears your trunk of dust, and rejuvenates the panel buttons ️.

Simplify your car cleaning routine with our wash brush and let your car shine like new.

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  • Car cleaning brush vacuum cleaner, suitable for every corner of the car, automatically cleans the dashboard/car air conditioner/car air outlet/car center console/car armrest, food residue in the seat gap. Other Uses: Can be used to clean computer keyboards and household blinds.
  • The curved design of long and short bristles makes it easy to penetrate deep into the air outlet to clean hidden dust and keep the car clean and tidy. Its bristle build is stable and deep, preventing bristles from shedding during tough jobs or after being pulled. Each dirt cleaning brush comes in a plastic dust cover case.

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  • The car cleaning supplies brush has fast dust removal speed, fluffy and soft, not easy to fall off, good elasticity, flexible and durable, long and dense, easy to remove dust, not easy to residue, and will not damage the surface of the item.

  • Anti-slip groove design provides a comfortable grip. There are no metal and hard parts to protect your vehicle from scuffs and scratches. Quickly keeps your dashboard dust-free, feels lighter, less labor-intensive, and fits right in your glove box. Save space in the car without cluttering the space with too many tools.


  1. Designed for cleaning narrow gaps.
  2. Nanofiber bristles are soft and delicate.
  3. Does not damage the car interior.
  4. Easy to store and clean.

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